Monday, April 4, 2016

Sturk Creates A New Foundation Called Chickasha Together

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Mailing Address

Chickasha Together
1922 S 21st Street
Chickasha, OK

Chickasha Together is a foundation that is dedicated to helping the homeless and less fortunate in the city of Chickasha Oklahoma through various ways such as but not limited to, sock drives, food drives and clothing donation.

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Chickasha Together was created by college graduate, rapper and entertainer, Sturk, a Chickasha native who has always felt the need to give back in his home city. As a child, Sturk would often donate his allowance to charities he found outside of local stores.

From Sturk:

"It is my goal (and hopefully yours) to see Chickasha Together grow into a global charity organization that will affect the world for the greater good. As a recent college graduate, I simply don't have the funds to do all of this by myself. Like most charities, Chickasha Together is operating off of donations by people like you. My team and I have set up a paypal to accept your donations. Our hope is that you give as often as your heart desires."

"Like me, my long time fans are people who hate the thought of someone being without the basic necessities in life. To the person who randomly stumbled upon, my hope is that you are the one person who will stand up and say "I will support Chickasha Together." This is NOT for Sturk, this IS for the people who lack the opportunities that you and I are fortunate enough to have. Please be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Sturk

"If you wish to help, even 1 dollar towards Chickasha Together can make a big difference in someones life. Let us all better Chickasha together." - Sturk


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